Citations Accompanying Two Awards & a Photo

  1. 1999 Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
    • “For fundamental contributions to the theory of large deviations, including two research-level monographs; for outstanding research on the linearized Boltzmann equation, on correlation inequalities in statistical mechanics, and on the asymptotic analysis of Gaussian integrals and of systems in statistical mechanics, queueing theory, and turbulence.”

  2. Chancellor John V. Lombardi presenting me with the Outstanding
    Faculty Award for Research in the College of Natural Sciences
  3. 2001–2002 Outstanding Faculty Award for Research in the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
    • “Richard Ellis is an acknowledged world leader in the study of large deviations, an important field having numerous applications including the analysis and design of high-speed communication networks. His most recent innovative work on statistical theories of turbulence is an outgrowth of his previous research on statistical mechanics and large deviations.

      “Professor Ellis has produced a considerable body of published work, including two major research monographs on probability theory and applications, a well known theorem carrying the name ’Gärtner-Ellis Theorem,’ and many frequently cited papers on probability theory and statistical mechanics. In 1999 he was elected to be a Fellow in the Institute of Mathematical Statistics in honor of his outstanding research contributions.

      “As important and impressive as Richard's scientific accomplishments are, his intellectual activities extend beyond science. UMass Magazine recently highlighted his numerous contributions to the field of Judaic studies. As the article points out, ‘Ellis performs a remarkable and rare intellectual juggling act, straddling what the British writer C. P. Snow called the “two cultures” of science and the humanities.’ We are indeed fortunate that Professor Ellis has chosen to spend his highly creative research career here at UMass.”

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